Falcon 900EX

  • Seats 12
  • Range 4,500 NM
  • Max speed 480 knots
  • Bedroom / office
  • Forward & aft lavatory
  • Manufactured 1998
  • Hours 4,300 hrs
  • Landings 1,700


Why Lease? Leasing offers all the benefits of having your own aircraft, without the costs and commitment of actually owning. We can customise a lease to suit your needs and even supply you with a regular crew and operations team.

Falcon 900EX diagram

Our Falcon 900EX

Excellent mid to long range aircraft, "designed to bring the world within your reach". Suitable for short european hops or trans atlantic crossings, the Falcon performs both superbly.

Range of 4,500 nautical miles, trijet engine design, capable of utilising small airfields and high altitude airports.

Seats twelve with optional bedroom or office in the rear. Forward and aft lavatory, third crew seat for optional third pilot or flight attendant.

Fully equipped Galley.

Mid cabin contains 8 luxury passenger seats.

Rear cabin has an executive workstation and VIP seat. It has a luxury sofa which seats 3. The sofa can also be converted into a bed, which transforms the rear cabin to a master bedroom with en suit lavatory.

Large pressurized rear-hold for luggage and storage.

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