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Company History

Astrojet began operation in 1980 using an aircraft to collect high value fashion merchandise from Italy overnight for delivery to UK stores next day, thereby avoiding cancellation of the orders.

This delivery system preceded present day express parcel services, and established the potential time saving and convenience of private aircraft for merchandise, as well as executives' time when travelling.

The aircraft was used extensively for business throughout Europe and the UK, providing flexibility for the design, production and sales teams.

In 2000 Astrojet began aircraft charter brokerage and crew supply in addition to aircraft management.

Astrojet today manages aircraft for corporate owners with busy worldwide schedules. We provide them with 24-hours a day management service, dedicated professional pilots and flight attendants, airline standard safety and maintenance.

Our owners expect the very best service from us, and our small Family team is on board to guarantee it.

Astrojet aircraft services consists of a small team of highly qualified, dedicated, experienced and competent personnel. Each member brings a specialised skill set to the group. Whether it be a background in aircraft engineering, commercial airline captains, cabin crew, ground flight ops and management, the one thing we all have in common is a passion for getting a job done to the highest levels and standards possible.

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